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Flex Pics

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Did some suspension mods...check it out
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what mods? how much lift?
is this b4 or after the D60 install. not that it matters
bigblue, why didya take out that tranny ?
looks great! i see you got it paitned black on the bottom looks good!
Front is 10" Chevy springs with #3 and 4 (from the top, there were 5 total) removed and the axle spaced another 1" farther forward than the chevy springs already put it. and yep, that's my D60 under there ;D

Rear is 8" chevy springs with #3 and 4 taken out, a shackle flip down with front hangers from off another RC, and 8" shackles.

the trans is out because the parking paul (sp?) was broken and it would sometimes get stuck in park or not go into park. Thanks for the compliaments and I will mail you those pics mopar_man
Yup, that's just too nice.
Thats a nice truck and some good pics. 8)
Damn good lookin ;D
nice job,
nice to know it's not a pavement pounder, ......I never doubted it ;)
Do you mind if I borrow your back window/ plastic idea, that looks awesome? You probably got those made up some were right? By the way you did a awesome job with your rc.
You're welcome to use the idea, I got it off someone else on here, but I can't remember their username. As a matter of fact, I will probably be chopping the top off within the next year or so and end up selling the windows. You'd still need to install the backs to the snaps on your truck though. I have a boat shop make them and I think it was something like $275.
I LOVE you rc, that is some crazy flex... one day mine'll be doin that!
Nice job MBB is it all back together now
Thats an awesome lookin truck with tons of flex! Where did you order those chevy springs from? And Do you have the part numbers?
the Chevy springs are Superlift, you can get them lots of place. Sorry, no part #'s but its 10" front and 8" rear for 80's Chevy trucks.

The truck is still in pieces. Trans is back in and working on the steering now. Put some traction bars on since the pic also. Now I hafta bolt up my rear driveshaft and see if it has enough travel, and get a new front one made. $$$ :p
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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