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First snowfall today, who's going wheelin...

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Well? My arss needs a seat to occupy ;D
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Wasn't much of a snowstorm ;D

We are overdue for a good old fashioned nasty winter, it's been at least five years since it was really cold or snowy.
Dodge 85 RC said:
Oh yeah we might get 20" {cool}{cool}{cool}

Hey Dan you got your RC fixed yet? There's a good place off Hwy. 52 in Rosemount to test it's deep snow ability ;D
(it's that weird old WW ll weapons plant, it belongs to the U of M now)
Yep just south of the refinery. Bizzare place with all those walls and big smokestacks.

They had about 30 69-71 440 powered Fury state patrol cars in this fenced area, I was going to try and buy a few for the HP 440 engines but they were gone the last time I was down there.
Dodge 85 RC said:
He keeps telling me that I should buy his bronco so I can go down there and go wheeling... ::)
The one he bought without a tranny? You wheel a ford hard with that TTB in front it'll break. Sooner rather than later ;D
Hey that big snowstorm sucked, what's up with these inaccurate weather forecasts? We got two lousy inches of snow!
Go where Rosemount? You know all the good wheeling places in the cities are gone now. There used to be a place in St. Paul by the Pigs Eye plant, it must have been about 5000 acres of thick stinky gooey riverbottom mud to play in. Last time we were there, the railroad cops threatened arrest and jail (you had to cross their RR tracks to get there)
Dodge 85 RC said:
I don't care if we go in my front yard, lol, I just need to go!!!
do you have any big hills in your front yard? well I'm game as long as your dad gives me written or verbal permission to wheel on his land... ;D
Hey Dan when will your RC be mobile again? There's some interesting minimum maintenance roads within an hours drive. Take the Grantsburg exit off 35 and before you get to the river hang a left and they are north of there somewhere...quite a few of those in Pine and Kanabec counties. It's definitely a two vehicle deal, always nice to have the second truck and a strap if the first guy gets stuck.

I think if two Dodges show up it's considered a chapter meet ;D
Grayguy lives outside of French River. Maybe his dad has a mudpit on his land and he'll invite us to go wheeling ;D
Dan you can test your shackle flip and new tires at this mudpit in **** Rapids ;D

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1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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