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Finally snapped a pic of it.

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Here it is, after hours of polishing on the one side using Nufinish. You can trash it all you want, but it sure did the trick with the HORRIBLE oxidation. It looked flat black when I started, hehe. The engine is a 360, tranny is a 727, and the rear is 9.25 with limited slip and 3:21 gears. The interior has everything except power windows, but I can fix that, only two windows to power up:D The body is solid as a rock, I can only find rust in the most obvious places, and even then it's only a stained area with a couple of bubbles. What do you think??,,,Cruisin

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looks good man! and if anyone trashes it let me no..i take care of them! haha.
Hey man, Just want to complement your great looking truck... even though its 2wd you could get a 3 inch lift stuff 33 and keep those wheels they are bitchin..... either way solid looking performer and i bet you stomp cars when you hit that throttle...
It's a 2wd right? It should have a 8.25 rearend in it. Count the bolts on the diff cover. If it has 10 it's a 8.25 if it has 12 its a 9.25.
Nah I'm gonna keep it 2wd looking, or possibly even lower it, hehe. Well, the sticker under the hood says it's a 9.25, and it looks pretty beefy? I'll go count the bolts and get back to you.,,,,Cruisin
Stuck my head under the back end, and counted six bolts on the lower half of the cover. Yep, it's a 9.25, alright ;D,,,,Cruisin
That's cool man. I didn't know that was an option. At least you got something stronger than that 8.25.
Here's the latest pic! Less than $100 made the wheels look great. They're the same ones painted with black spray paint, some baby moons from a trailer store, and some trim rings from Autozone. Not bad, eh?,,,,Cruisin

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Those wheels like way better! Those baby moons are so shiny ;D
I polished it all but the roof and half the hood. The paint on the top surface is shot :-[ I may take off the hood ornaments, and paint it black again. As in shaving them. I used one of those specialty plates to put the emblem on the middle of the grill. peeled it off the stainless plate, and re double side taped it to the grill. Really updated the look of it. Thinking of shooting the grill inserts black too.,,,Cruisin
RAMMAN4 said:
That's cool man. I didn't know that was an option. At least you got something stronger than that 8.25.
Quit pickin' on my silly little rear axle! ;D
I really like it THe lil ram in the grill really sets it off......
That RC would look kick ass lowered ;D
hey cruisin: where did you get new finish at? how much was it? ive seen the photoshop pic of urs lowered. looks kick ass. mine has alot of clearcoat damage, think new finish would work on it? look at my site and look at the pic of the passenger side, its terrible! well keep on cruisin!
Nice looking ride!!!! :eek:
hey cruisin, nice ride. im gonna get some drop coils soon. either from PST or lofrontier. ill let ya know how it turns out. how did u do that photo shop pic, what program? thanks, keep cruisin....
Not sure if Nufinish would help clearcoat damage. Mine was repainted sometime around 97 with single stage black acrylic enamel. Yo might try it out, you never know until you try. It can be found at almost any auto parts store or even Wal Mart for that matter. I used Photodeluxe 2.0, an older Mac version. Almost any program out there could do the job really?,,,,Cruisin
well i got quite a few i guess i just gotta mess with the pics. i usually use paint
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