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Finally my 85

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here are some of my daily driver


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uno mas


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very nice rig does the 318 like those 35's?did you change r&p?why sell the 75,it's got the pop top.i would love to have it,how much?
Well the 318 and 35's don't get along very well, still have the factory r&p (donations welcome ;D) and the misses' wants me to sell the 75' (doesn't want me to sink any money in it) or have fun! asking $1,500 o.b.o. :-\
Dude your RC is Bad AZZ!
Nice Ramcharger!!! Are those Bushwacker fender flares??? Cutouts?? Did you have to lower the t/c at with the 6" kit??? On a full size truck you do not have to but the r/c has alot shorter drive shaft.
nice RC!! looks a bit like my old 89. i love the blue two-tone and kinda miss that in my 90 RC. but red is always an eye-catcher! too bad the mrs. wants you to sell the 75. why don't most women understand what vehicles mean to men? i think it's only fair that if you have to give up something you love, then she should, too. ;D ;D ;D be careful, tho, YOU might be it!
AHH words of wisdom,LOL, ...Yes they are bushwackers and the previous owner cut them to fit over the trim, I don't know about the t-case, from what I can see it looks stock but has new custom drive shafts front and rear


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LittleChrgr85 said:
thats a tight ass truck
Why think you, Sam saw it in person today and thought it was pretty nice also (he'll prob. post some action pics of it at the creek)
I like your RC. Nice stance.
cajuntex said:
I like your RC. Nice stance.
Thank's cajuntex ;D
IM me with directions to your house to look at the trailduster. Coming from College Station, can make it on friday or Saturday.
Excellent looking truck... great year too! hmmmm I need a lift..... Great Job!


bump for PatrickH
thats my fear, the lift that is coming up quick on my truck will require me (yes it is a requirement) bigger tires, i can go 35", but i dont have enough money for different gears. i think ill just go 33"
Those tires 35x12.50's?  What wheel size? 15x8?

Great looking truck. :)
Nice looking rig, ya to bad you have to sell the 75, it would be nice to have a pop top, plans in the future to do a custom cut on mine to make it removable.  Good job on the 85 though , great year
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