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Feeling kinda lonely

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Hey Guys,
Before I lay claim to the "Furthest out in BFE, AZ" title, who thinks they are my nearest neighbor to Lake Havasu City? I do occasionally see RC's, maybe I need to hit ole Twister up for some of those RCC stickers and drum up some local chums. How about if I make some flyers and stick them around town? ;D
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Hang in there! How far are you willing to drive to attend a gathering of the masses?
I guess at the present moment, I should be wrenchin stead of whining, cause the garage has 2 motors in it, the RC has none in it, and I still have the tranny to rebuild. Doesn't matter if Ma Mopar was my landlord right now, I still wouldn't be wheelin! ;D
After this big project, the ole girl will be able to make it down near you guys and home again with much more reliability, so aside from my major funding of OPEC, the future is looking much better for my participation in AZ chapter stuff!!
I guess I can take the claim to furthest away from others now? Lake Havasu City over here.
the AZ chapter used to be a happening place. pretty much dead anymore. there are a few stragglers, but thats it. im still kickin' around, and give a big "hey yall" to all the other local Dodge lovers.
Get your spirits up and your Mopar ready to roll, Mopars at the strip is happening in april and we'll be wheelin from Gilbert to Vegas, stopping at the Dodge dealer in kingman for a show. Last year had a helluva lot of nice muscle. There should be a R/C this year.....


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