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failed emissions, need help/advice

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Well the truck in running but not good according to Az. I took it through emission, and being full time 4wd, they could only do the idle test :) however it failed both tests the first time, then I ditched the air cleaner element, readjusted the carb and then it only failed the idle test. I am going to replace all the wires cap rotor, and plugs again, some 99% alcohol in the tank with 91, and run a jumper across the ballast resistor while testing. I need the truck registered, any ideas or anyone know of a shop that might be able to tune it to pass?

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Hey Bob, If you have time this morning, drive that thing over to my house. I'll take a look at it. I'm here in Gilbert, not too far from you. Call me if you decide to come over. 480-821-5547. Later, Joe
Sorry I work Sat night and didnt get this till it was too late. I am going to do a couple things to the truck, then if you still want to lok at it, lmk. Will have to get a 3-day tag though. :-\ I am fixing the wiring harnes now, found out the alternator wasn't charging. :eek:.

Thanks Bob
I saw your post yesterday morning. I'm off on SSM, I too work graveyard. I can understand your schedule. Just give me a call and I'll take a look at it. Later, Joe
Make sure you run it hot to the emmissions place. Get on the highway and run it a few miles and don't turn it off while you're in line. I don't know why, all I know is it works. I've skipped this part before and failed. Then I'd run it in hot and it would pass. I've seen it happen with other people, too. I'm not saying warm cars pass every time, just that cold cars seem to fail.
it will barley hit 180^ :) Idle all day and not over heat. Which is good. Goiing to try to try and take it tomorrow again.
It sounds like you are doing some of the typical items to help it pass (plugs, wires, gas cap, etc.). I don't think it is wise to go with the 91 octane gas though. Someone may correct me if I am wrong but I think you want to use the lowest octane rated gas you can find. I am not a chemist but I am fairly sure the extra octane keeps the engine from preignition under heavy load but also makes it harder to burn while at idle. The alcohol would probably help but not sure about that.

Someone let me know if that sounds correct or if I am just a taco short of a combo plate.
Hey Bob, did you get your truck to pass. Just curious, I always have to make adjustments to mine when its time to renew the tabs.
Never got it to pass. It developed a miss fire only under a load, like in drive. Make a separate igntion harness, and the spark will intermittedly cut in and out, Run fine, then stall and no start. Doesn't seem to be temperature related. Took our 70 Challenger through with no problems. Has a 451. The PW has a 383 with less miles (no more than 3100 miles) and wont pass :( ??? There was a post about someone making wiring harnesses? I have to redo the harness, as it will also stop cranking over by the key at times. :-\
I always have to tweek my 78 little red to pass in az also.
It has a 360 with some mods including a 180 cam which makes it hard to pass.
I usually end up taking it to the west side up on thunderbird rd to a place called mastertech auto. A guy works there named dennis & he is into mopars deeply. He always get me through emmissions with minor adjustments on timing and has me buy some alcohol as well. When we put in the alcohol hooked up to his machine, we watch the readings drop very low as soon as it hits the carb. The only caution is it must be completely burned out to prevent carb damage after it passes.
I sure would like to find someone knowledgeable on the east side to do the same, as I live in east mesa.
Jim welcome to the site!!
Hey, thanks Az-bear,
Now I have to email the link to my brother in glendale so he can join. I was directed here by Twister off another forum. Looks like a fun bunch to get to know. I especially like how everyone seems ready to pitch in a hand to help others.
yeah man, there is all kinds of help here. In fact we are swappin the motor in my RC this weekend if you wanna swing by and meet some other members (and help consume some pizza) just check the post on it to get directions.
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