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Factory power mirrors?

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Just took a look thru the owner's book on my '89, and I see that power mirrors were available... Anyone have them? Are they the same mount as regulars? I'd like to put them on if I can find them. I've seen aftermarket ones in Summit, but they look like the "sport" style, not arm-mount...

Matt {peace}
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I've seen them in the junkyard. The mirrors look the same, but the glass moves inside the housing (there's plenty of room in there for the motor and stuff).
I LOVED the mirrors that were on my '89 (like yours), but they did take some whacks from driving a little too close to stuff. My '85 has terrible mirrors.
is there a way to convert the normal mirrors to power?
You have to change the glass and the upper housing. Best place to find them is probably a junk yard, that way you have all the wiring and what not.
I had them on my 90 and took them off, they quit working and are non servicable and dodge wanted an arm and a leg for new ones. I put on some for pulling a camper that extend out in their place. Still have the old ones and the control if anyone has a use for them. The switch is beside the headlight switch, I changed it out for one out of an 87 so I would have a location for the rear wiper I installed.

Did the OEM power mirrors allow to switch the position so that you look down to see the curb when parking? That's a feature I would just love to have.

Anyway, did anybody really put power mirrors into an '86 R/C (or a similar rig)? That's one of things I am considering, and would appreciate some experience.
well for curb spoting, just get some convex spot mirrors. and you could easily swap them over if you wanted and had the stuff.
You could source parts off of vans. Use the head and wiring from the van and put the head on your RC mount
The right power mirror on my`93 died, like stated earlier the `93 and earlier are pretty much non-servicable, I then got some power mirrors of of a `95 Ram. The `95 mirrors snap apart, then you can change the mount to the pre `94 style(it's longer), plus with the newer mirrors you can replace just the mirror or motor if need be.
Wow, that's good to know!! I never even thought of a '94+ setup, 'cause I figured it would be like everything else.. Different. So what, you change the arms? Or just the mounting base?

Matt {peace}
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