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Explorer Pro-Comp ES3000 shocks

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I picked these up on a buy 3 get one free deal from Summit back in Dec/03. P/N`s are exp-es325506 and exp-es33203, they are listed for a 4 inch lift.I FINALLY got around to intsalling them and WOW! A night and day difference from the old mega-worn Rancho RS5000`s that were on there. The ride especially over sharp bumps is much much better and the tire shake I have had at hiway speeds has been reduced by about 80%. I got em for $32.95 each (one free) and IMHO well worth it...just don`t why i waited so long to put em in, only took me about an hour and a half start to finish.
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I put the ES 3000's on my 97 ram 4x4 and ordered them with a 2" lift in mind. I don't have the lift yet and my front shocks bottom out on hard jolts. So I wouldn't count on the shocks that fit lifted trucks working on non lifted trucks very well. My ride is better but I need to lift it before I blow one of these shocks out.

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