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Exhaust stacks

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I've been lightly toying with the idea of swapping my Ram over to a true dual system with a set of exhaust stacks. My biggest concern is the tonnue (sp?) cover. I've seen a few trucks with stacks that had covers with cut outs for them. My question is, is there a company that sells covers with these cut outs or is this going to be a custom job? Thanks.
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definately a custom job. i suppose you've got a hard top?
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm talking about soft tonnue covers.
Any decent upholstery shop should be able to customized yours for under $50.00. Hell, My mom will do the work for $20.00.
Might want to use double wall exhaust pipe if your going to keep the cover tight around the pipe, and then buy 2 nice metal buckets to put over the stacks when it rains
You could also go to any big truck stop and buy the stack flaps that mount ontop of the pipes.
Yeah but they look gay and that clang clang noise gets so damned annoying after a while, if you're gonna do the stacks get the 45 degree bent ends and mount them slightly pointing to the back and outside
actually i would runn them straight up and down with the 45degree tips, however when you start the thing give it some gas so as not to suck any water into the motor, i have done this personaly and it is nice except it drowns out any other sounds you would want to hear, what i did was run 2.5" pipes to the bed floor then took a 4" reducuer to a 3" reducer to 2.5 and it sounded nice, the only time i had a problem with water in the pipes was when it rained 2" or more over night then i had to give it gas right at strart up to blow the water out, and no i would not use the clanging caps they are annoying. good luck with the soft cover though.
the other thing I have heard of doing is to dril a hole in the lowest point of the pipe and as close to the stack as you can. Nothing big, just enough to let the water drip out. oh yeah, use stainless too! lol
Thanks for all the info guys. Now I have to decide if this is worth doing, or if I feel lazy and just get a cat-back system. ;D
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