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EvilNerd's 73

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here's my 73 1/2ton Power Wagon

its got a 318 thats stock other than the 4bbl
dual tail pipes that dump out just behind the cab
NP435 & NP205
8.25" rear
D44 front
JVC Deck
(2) 12"Deneon subs
(2)Kenwood 6x9"
1400W Boss amp (at 1ohm not suposta beable to do it but it is)

you can't see it in the pic but the paint has alot of problems. I'll be repainting it this summer

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this is the ram's head seat...

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heres the '73 340Wedge block that will be going in it in a month or so.

just a note the images may not display... My router loses its mine every now and then, and I hafta reset it. Just check back a little later.

I'll be posting more pics a little later. I've gotta dig out the scanner to get the others
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Nice rig man . Like that seat man . That is tight . Anyhow looke like you are oging in the right direction though man .

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