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Even more on my BB oil pump demon

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So last week I put the drill to the pump after hooking up a mechanical oil line and got nothing. Got back to it today to pull the pump (got my gaskets from mopar) and decided to turn the pump again because I have a fresh charge on the drill. It pumps oil up right away. Hook up the guage and its reading 50 psi no problem. Now remember there was no oil APPARENTLY pumping through to the passanger side valve train and it was really noisy and seeming to be getting noisier as the engine ran (with no pressure reading on the electric guage. So I put the distributor and gear back in and fired it up today. Still noisy on the passenger side but nowhere near as loud as it was. Now just a loud lifter or maybe exhaust sort of sound. What the hell is happening? This is getting werry weird. Evil, what kind of demon could this be? (There is the chance that the pump was not turning with the drill before or not turning fast enough but I can't be sure now either way. But I am pretty sure the oil wasnt flowing on the pass side because with the engine running before when it was loud there was not oil run off at all with the valve cover off. Now oil is dripping down to the exhaust manifold).
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Calling all evil guys. Evil, your advice was good on this topic, just wondering if you can think of any other reason for what happened? I think I am going to take a litre out of the oil pan and put in a litre of tranny fluid (or another good flushing fluid??) and run it for about 20 minutes then remove it all. Shame to do it on my 5 w 50 synthetic but it was pretty thick sometimes anyway. Thinking pluged somehow on one side. Other than my screwing up I cant think of anything else.
Well did you pull the pump apart and look inside to see if there was any evidence that something other than oil went thru there.
It is possible that all the valve seals are doing there job nicely of keeping oil from pasing them in the oil pan pick up screen (this is where they are most useful)
If something was in the oil galley you can bet for sure it is now blocking something else, when this happens you always always want it to riun the pump and remain there or break the pump and remain there, the last thing you want is it to find it's way out because then it's on it's way to bearings, if caught early it can just be a pump replacement and bearing replacement, most times it's not that easy and more like a crank and pump.

I can only hope it was your drill, but without knowing what it looks like inside it would be hard to say.
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