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EVD-3 looking for hyd roller cam

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I have a 90 block with 308 heads. Sent them to get ported and 2.02s on Monday. I am still going to stroke. I'll use a RPM intake and at least a 750. I was thinking about converting to a flat tappet hyd cam, but I seem to remember that you had a roller cam. Wasn't sure if it was hyd or not. I would like to use non-adjustable rockers so a hyd cam would be the only option, but a hyd roller would work. I saw that comp cams has hyd roller cams, but the seem to be slightly more than stock. Any places I could look for a hyd roller?
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Yes go to Crane Cams and get the hydro lifters and get the cam from them also, everything is drop in and if you call them on the phone and speak with them they even have roller cams that have the correct gear on the cam so you don't have to get a bronze dist/oil gear, they are cheaper then comp cams when it comes to this, since comp doesn't make drop in roller lifters.

All roller cams will be more money than a stock dinosaur flat tappet cam, with tech comes a higher price, but well worth it in my book even at another $1k it's worth it to me, no friction, no break in worries, faster ramps, radical ramps, better power, can't go wrong
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