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Engine won't fire?

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The engine won't fire. It starts to crank but will never catch. It's a 318 4bbl. Car is a '74 Duster. We've tried everything to get it working, and nothing works. We think it has no compression...we have spark and fuel delivery. Any thoughts?
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timing. line up your timing mark on the balancer to 0 and see where the rotor is pointing in the distributor. that's # 1. if you suspect no compression, then get a compression guage and see. welcome to the site.
Take your ignition module down to your local AutoZone and have it tested. If it's bad, go somewhere else to buy one. I suggest Oreilly's or NAPA, 'cause Wells sux. Get a new ballast resistor; they are only about $5 or so. Ignition modules will quit with no warning. Let us know what happens.
To run a compression test, you hafta remove your spark plugs. You can get a compression guage at your local parts store reasonably priced. It will come with an adaptor that screws into your spark plug hole. Take out all the plugs before you start your comp test. be sure that you are consistent thru-out the whole test. If you let # 1 hit 4 times, then let the other 7 hit 4 times.

Did you try getting your ignition module tested and replacing the ballast resistor? That's the first place to start workin on a mopar that just suddenly won't fire. Try the module and resistor. Try the module and resistor. Try the module and resistor. Did I mention the module and resistor?
pdxshorty said:
But does it run???
My thoughts exactly!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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