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Engine won't fire?

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The engine won't fire. It starts to crank but will never catch. It's a 318 4bbl. Car is a '74 Duster. We've tried everything to get it working, and nothing works. We think it has no compression...we have spark and fuel delivery. Any thoughts?
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Its one of a few things ...ignition... Got spark? hows the spark good and strong weak? Fuel... you say its getting gas. Tried to fire it with some ether or starting fluid? Air. is the carb getting air to mix with that fuel? check the vaccuum also. Next if the timing is right then check the compression if you aren't sure of the needs youi have for compression usually between 100 and 125 will do. Squirt some oil down into the cylinder head then check it again if it increases dramatically when you shoot a little oil in there then that's a compression issue. First and Foremost Don't panic. it could be something simple an ecm a ballast resistor. take your time and we'll figure it out.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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