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engine swap options

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Right now I have a 84 dodge slant 6, and am wanting some more power, I can get my hands on some 318's and 360's, but it is the transmision that I am having problems with. My truck is a 3spd overdrive, I think it is a A-833 , and am wondering if I can just swap a smallblock in, But I dont know if it will work, the bellhousing is probally different, but not two sure, I anyone can help that would be great. If not, what would be the best route, I just turned 16, and am on a minimal budjet.
thanks ;D
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ok you can just swap to a LA bellhousing as long as the bellhousing was on an aluminum OD tranny.

i can imagine you will want more performance. if i was you i would look around for an older car with a 360 4spd and buy the assembly. it ll cost a bit more now, but you WILL LOVE it. for now just save up.
the aluminum case trannies have been known to let the main shaft wobble, causing an explosion of parts.
np435 is not a performance type. good if you are hauling a load but not good if you wanna go fast on the street.

id prefer to find an older 833.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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