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Weg said:
Me and tv_larsen talked about it and decided that if i went from a 318 to 360 i'd prob have to switch out the computer.
That was a guess on my part as I don't totally understand how that system works.

ExDelayed, I think you are right, I'd heard that '89 and older, only need a sniffer test. If they pass the sniffer, there is no visual inspection done. That means Weg, having a '92 "should" have a visual inspection every year. A carbed 360 would never pass.

Technically speaking, swapping in an engine older than the vehicle is illegal, everywhere, but is only caught (but probably rarely checked) at an emission inspection. Also, if you were to swap a '98 360, for example, into a '85 Dodge, you are supposed to maintain ALL of the '98 emissions. Also, its not legal to swap in an engine that was not available. So for example, and Cummins swap into Weg's '92 RC wouldn't be legal. That also means the big block swap is illegal in both ways.

The question is, how much of this is actually checked at a emission inspection? I don't know, never had to get my cars through anything except safety inpection, which is bad enough. My suspiscion is, if you swaped in a Magnum 360, and made it look like a totally stock 1992 360, you'd pass every time. But I don't know exactly what a swap to 360 would involve for you (computer, throttle body, injectors, ????).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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