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Engine Laws

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Alright a while back there was some talk about putting an older motor in a newer truck, and someone was saying that there was a law that prohibits that (something about a motor that wasn't an option or older than the truck....). When was that law past? anyone got a number on that law to loo it up by? was it a state law or federal?
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I don't know about UT, but as far as I know in CA the ARB (Air Resource Board) won't let you do it -> smog regulations
I think that law is for alot of states especially with vehicles that carried factory emissions equip, that isn't, wait you aren't allowed to alter it, check your states laws but if you have emissions i wouldn't even waste my time.
well thats what I couldn't remeber. Utah doesn't have much for regulations, and I don't think they even do visual around here. I haven't seen anything in the utah law books that says anything about older engines in new cars/trucks, but I was thinking that might have been a federal law....
A while ago, (like on the old site, I think) I linked to a site that listed Federal emission laws. I can't find the link or the site, but it basically stated that if you remove anything on a vehicle, it must be replaced with the same part that was removed. The way the laws are written, you technically can't replace spark plugs with ones that didn't come with the vehicle.

Enforcement is the hard part ;)
I think the important thing is to use the emission components required for that particular year. I don't see a problem with putting an 82 engine in for say an 85 if you use the 85 carb and complete emissions and manifold. I know thats not ok in CA but anywhere else i doubt they would be checking for casting dates.
well I'm not talking replacing a 85 318 with an 82 318 or something I'm talking replacing a '91 4banger with a 70's 360 =P
I know in PA you can do it as long as as the vehical will meet the emissions standards for the chassis year.
In Ca. the engine must be the same year, or newer than the frame, and must meet all of the emmissions requirements for whatever one is newer. ex. You have a '79 cab, on a '75 chassis, with a '77 engine, you must meet all of the requirements for the '77 engine. Also, the engine must have been an option on that year of frame.
If you don't have emmissions testing, or inspections, I wouldn't worry to much.
Hell, I have to get my '77 tested, and it has a '73 engine... So far I've gotten away with it.
-Steve C.
EvilNerd said:
well I'm not talking replacing a 85 318 with an 82 318 or something I'm talking replacing a '91 4banger with a 70's 360 =P
If you haven't had to have any emissions testing or inspections done on it there; I'd say to go for it.
Aaron Wyse
You should be able to search on goggle for the state you are interested in under state government DMV then pick through the DMV site and get the info you need. Usually it is much easier emissions wise to go with a truck 25 or more years old
alright sounds like it is a state thing and not federal. Yea I've actualy read the states law books. About the only thing they say is it has to have all emission equipment that came with it (or aftermarket equivelent or better) and it has to have a muffler =P

They don't even pop the hood on these things. Basicly (I watch them...) they check that the blinkers & headlights work, then pull one wheel and check the brake. The rest of the stuff they just glance at. I just didn't want them jumping in it and going wait a minute these things never came with a v8.........

They Cali laws sound like the ones I was remebering. Well thats realy good, cause I've got an underpowered '91 ranger and a friend that says there's no way a big block would fit in a '92 stealth ;D
Just remember that anything that is not original is considered tampering according to the Feds. I'm not saying not to do anything, but "officially, that's the law.......

Smog pump? No officer there was no smog pump on a 90 Ramcharger with the 440 option. ;D
Ford Ranger?? Here I thought you were referring to a 4 cyl Dakota. The Rangers are pretty basic for doing upgrades like that. I've seen several kits for 5.0L's and a couple of places that had kits to put 460's in them.. But switching it to a Dodge drivetrain.. that'll be custom mounts & some basic wiring. if you've got some fabrication skills; it should go quite smooth.
Aaron Wyse
Actualy thats exactly what I'm thinking. I bought a ranger to act as a DD for the next few months while I'm doing some large work to dodge and I can't help but think how much fun it would be it put a mopar v8 drivetrain in it =P
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