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Electric Choke

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Hey guys, It's been one hell of a f'in cold winter up here. The factory choke set-up wasn't working, so I converted it to manual. Then some water got into the control cable and the thing froze up. I was looking at the Sumitt Racing catalog and they have some holley carbs for around $150 that have the electric choke. What are your guys thoughts on this electric choke as compared to the factory set-up.
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works pretty good, wiring is simple.

Haven't done anything with a holley for a while but have used edelbrocks with electric chokes and they work well. I believe holley's use the same setup just two wires power and ground.
On all the electric choke Holleys I've seen, they just need 12 vdc for the choke.

When I hook up the positive side of my Holley's choke, where should I plug into the positive, in the ignition some where?
NO! This is a common mistake. The coil only gets about 9V when the engine is running, and it doesn't need the choke taking any of that away. Wire the choke into a good 12V source that is hot whenever the ignition is on.

By the way, electric chokes work great, I've had many and wouldn't have a carburetor without one.
Also, Summit has Holleys with electric chokes for $150!? That sounds awful cheap.
Also, if you don't need a new carb, you could probably retrofit an electric choke kit (about $40) onto your carb, depending on what model it is.
Is it hard to replace an electric choke? mine has been giving me fits. It's a holley 4 barrel
I spliced mine from the supply to my wipers, that way it is 12 VDC and only when the ignition is on....and it's pretty damn close to the carb
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