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EGR pipe nut, the pipe from the exhaust mfld to intake mfld

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My problem is the pipe running from the exhaust manifold to the intake manafold has a crack in it. I was manipulating the pipe for the header install and noticed a fluffing sound after when the engine was running. Then feeling along the pipe I noticed the crack.
The nut that the pipe runs thru at the intake manafold end will not budge. I tried 3 days of penatrating lube, engine cold, engine warm and still can't get it to budge. I used a pipe on the end of the wrench and have run out of ideas. I believe the intake is aluminum and the pipe flange nut is just steel (Good job Dodge for no anisieze). What is the best way to get this out with out damage or pulling the manifold. It is the MPFI stock manifold in my 92 RC, 318
Also is it regular or left hand thread.
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If the nut is not rounded off yet, then use a longer cheater bar and twist that sucker off.
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