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Edelbrock Performer Pkg

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Months ago, my Son and I determined my '85 RC 360 block was overly tired. We bought an Edelbrock Performer Pkg from PartsAmerica web-site (SummitRacing is cheaper!), inc cam, intake, HD valve springs, timing set and a newly reman shorty was purchased on which we soon commenced construction.

NOTE: I had my ol' heads inspected, however, both were cracked. I ordered new ones from the same large SoCal reman which came back unworkable with the new HD springs. (Beware: RC heads have "rotator valves"). It took some time to obtain new rotator heads with the HD springs installed. The new roller timing chain is one King Kong couldn't bend. I have a rebuilt, stock Quadrajet on the new intake.

However, I'm not that pleased with end results. Performance is a whole package from stem to stern. The cam has 3 settings, I feel we mistakenly set the mid one. Likely, should have selected lower rpm torque one(?) and, someday later not sooner, may take all that frontal stuff off, again, to re-set.

With BFG 33s' and stock rear-end, Big Blu wants to get up and go at about 70+mph which is cause for several short-comings: Ain't no way this ol' stagecoach has the suspension, brakes, etc.. to safely match that speed in heavy SoCal Fwy traffic. Secondly, an ol' RC above 75-80mph is much like pushing a barn door. Let's face it, the aerodynamics are like a big ol' 747 trying to stay at 400mph in a 300mph headwind. Lastly, because of heavier lead-foot action, mpg is down significantly.

So, dot yur Ayes' and cross yur tees' on this rebuild jazz.....
Not bad overall costs though. I still have an MSD 6-A ign box standing by, along with some Hedmans (illegal in CA). I need to find matching MSD distributor to finalize that end, along with my current problem of replacing shorted out wiring from alternator to coil/distrib.

I'd like to hear from others who've done an Edelbrock. Performer Pkg rebuild on a 318 or 360. Frankly, I'd go with a slightly wilder cam and a LOW rear-end. Hey, the stock 360 is a bullet-proof, hi-torque, lo-rev deal. Not unlike an old over-size (bore vs. stroke) VW engine out of the distant past.
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dad has a coworker who bought a very nice 79 chev 3/4t pickup with a 400sb with 70k. it was kind of a dog so he put in the edelbrock performer package(rv type cam, lifters, springs, manifold and 600cfm carb) after all this he noticed very little difference to where he (albeit arbitrarily) guesses it gained him 15hp at best. gets about 5mpg with a 10ft camper and is a real dog up the passes. about 10 without. for as big an engine as it is and a decent amount of mods this seems pretty pathetic. hes pretty mechanically inclined too so i assume he did it right.

i recently put the edelbrock performer manifold and 1406(600cfm) carb on my 318. used to have the lo-po 2bbl holley setup. sure improved drivability but i didnt gain much for hp or torque. sure looks nice though and runs so good. in hindsight i might have just sprung for a quality 2bbl. im no ace engine builder but i also think compression is the key. thats what the early pre smog engines had over the later ones. if i ever have the heads off i think i will shave them and stop messing around. -ryan
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