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Edelbrock Performer Pkg

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Months ago, my Son and I determined my '85 RC 360 block was overly tired. We bought an Edelbrock Performer Pkg from PartsAmerica web-site (SummitRacing is cheaper!), inc cam, intake, HD valve springs, timing set and a newly reman shorty was purchased on which we soon commenced construction.

NOTE: I had my ol' heads inspected, however, both were cracked. I ordered new ones from the same large SoCal reman which came back unworkable with the new HD springs. (Beware: RC heads have "rotator valves"). It took some time to obtain new rotator heads with the HD springs installed. The new roller timing chain is one King Kong couldn't bend. I have a rebuilt, stock Quadrajet on the new intake.

However, I'm not that pleased with end results. Performance is a whole package from stem to stern. The cam has 3 settings, I feel we mistakenly set the mid one. Likely, should have selected lower rpm torque one(?) and, someday later not sooner, may take all that frontal stuff off, again, to re-set.

With BFG 33s' and stock rear-end, Big Blu wants to get up and go at about 70+mph which is cause for several short-comings: Ain't no way this ol' stagecoach has the suspension, brakes, etc.. to safely match that speed in heavy SoCal Fwy traffic. Secondly, an ol' RC above 75-80mph is much like pushing a barn door. Let's face it, the aerodynamics are like a big ol' 747 trying to stay at 400mph in a 300mph headwind. Lastly, because of heavier lead-foot action, mpg is down significantly.

So, dot yur Ayes' and cross yur tees' on this rebuild jazz.....
Not bad overall costs though. I still have an MSD 6-A ign box standing by, along with some Hedmans (illegal in CA). I need to find matching MSD distributor to finalize that end, along with my current problem of replacing shorted out wiring from alternator to coil/distrib.

I'd like to hear from others who've done an Edelbrock. Performer Pkg rebuild on a 318 or 360. Frankly, I'd go with a slightly wilder cam and a LOW rear-end. Hey, the stock 360 is a bullet-proof, hi-torque, lo-rev deal. Not unlike an old over-size (bore vs. stroke) VW engine out of the distant past.
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What are the spec's on the edel perf package
Evildriver_3 said:
What are the spec's on the edel perf package
You might want to check your cam instal
It is true that they have 8 to 1 or even 7.7 to 1, and the big blocks too, and yes the added comp will help
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