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Buy it now $5k


137,xxx miles* (odometer was not working for a short time but best guess by wear and statements it missed approx 3,000 miles) and we fixed it and it has worked for a few years now.  The small gears go bad in these and we replaced them in gauge cluster.

360 EFI (fuel injected) runs great

727 auto Transmission shifts smoothly

4wd with 206 transfer case works perfectly

Everything like gauges, windows, locks, cruise control, etc function perfectly

AC blows cold 

Heat hot

Herculiner floors throughout

Brand new Goodyear tires

Brand new front rotors and pads

Brand new trailer pigtail (ground went bad on old one, works perfect on my trailers now)

I would confidently drive it to anywhere USA. (Can’t personally guarantee of course but I would).  Belts and hoses good. 

All receipts and maintenance is logged in my three ringed binder (buyer gets that) since I’ve owned it.  I bought it in August of 2014.

The little orange needle that indicates what gear you are in came loose, it’s an easy fix but I just didn’t  want to take the gauge cluster out to do it. I just feel across until I’m in drive or reverse. 

The latch on the glove box it missing the push button.  I use the ignition key to open it.  It opens, closes and latches fine. 

The factory AM/FM stereo sometimes loses volume at highway speeds, but I never checked it out because I’m old and don’t jam much. 

Please message me with any questions you may have.  This Ramcharger is a fully operational and VERY dependable vintage Dodge BUT it is NOT a show truck!  It is a very nice 20 footer that is super fun to drive, extremely dependable and should not need anything mechanically. Cosmetically there’s a little bit of rust thru on the lower driver’s side rocker that I took photos of, and then the seam around the tailgate has a little bit of surface rust as seen in the photos. There is no rust anywhere else and no rust has been repaired with bondo anywhere.  The body is very straight for nearly 30-year-old SUV that has been used for what it is built for. There are a few very small dings here and there and minor imperfections, but nothing major at all. 

I noticed that the VIN check software has "Major Problem" listed for Title.  I'm not sure why that is and I didn't even realize that was documented until I read that on my listing.  I never sent my title to Liberty Mutual Insurance, which was the other driver's insurance company.  The other driver was 100% at fault and Liberty Mutual was the responsible insurance company.  They declared the value of my damaged Ramcharger WAY TOO LOW and for about a week I had to negotiate with them about their value declaration and keeping my RC.  I did not want it to go to the salvage yard as it was easily repaired and definitely not in need of salvage!  I ended up being able to bring my RC home and we repaired it as stated.  I don't know the inner workings of car insurance companies on accident claims so I have no idea why they red document such a bleak incident.  It wasn't that big of a deal.  I have a photo of the collision that I can show you.  We had the newly installed front clip hood, front passenger fender and valance painted to match it all up again.  It looks and drives like it did before that collision. 

The truck was originally white but my kids and I had it painted a Range Rover color called “Cornish Cream” because we drove it in parades as Lone Wolf McQuades RC.  It had a light bar and Texas Ranger door decal magnets just like his!  It was fun but the boys are all grown up now. 

This Ramcharger would be an excellent candidate for a full restoration or a Cummins swap, or you can leave it exactly like I have and just drive it for snow or hunting or fishing or camping or anything else off road or on the road!  We have caught hundreds of Crappie after driving the boat pulled by our Ramcharger to area lakes and it has hauled 4 duck or dove hunters plus our Labrador to the fields more times than I can count!  If it’s 3 degrees or 93 degrees it starts right up in our driveway and drives us to the woods, field or lake!  It has literally never failed us once!  The only reason I’m selling it is because my hunting buddies and I are getting old and we needed a four door.  I bought a used Ford Expedition for our new rig. 

This truck originally was a Kentucky game warden truck, then it was at a fire department in Scottsville Kentucky, and that’s where I bought it five years ago. 

I have tried to describe my Ramcharger the best I can and I have 100% positive feedback since joining EBay 19 years ago.  With that said PLEASE ask questions and I will answer them with honesty. I’m NOT a car salesman. 

I am in Springfield MO and the buyer will have to pick it up here or arrange shipping. 

The Missouri title is clear and in my name and I renewed the registration after the state mandated safety inspection last July of 2018.  The title has no indications about salvage on it and I checked with DMV who stated the title in transferable.


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