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Opening at $5k with reserve.

You are bidding on an extremely fine example of a rare breed of the 90s truck era. This 1993 Ramcharger is equip with the legendary 5.9 Magnum V8 backed by an a518. The data tag under the hood specifies it has both lock up and overdrive. This is the 1st and only year you could get a Ramcharger with the 5.9 Magnum. Making this 1 of less than I believe 3000 or so built. Production numbers are not real clear for the ramcharger though so this is just knowledge I've picked up from some unreliable Google searches. The truck has 102k miles on the clock and I will assure you that the condition of the truck all round shows it and I do not doubt that it is actual mileage. However the mileage is exempt on the title due to the way Indiana handles older vehicles. I bought this truck in Alabama and drug it 12 hrs home to northern Indiana.


-360 magnum V8 with 102k miles

-Recent oil change

-Voltage regulator quit in the PCM so I installed an external voltage regulator and all is back to normal.

-Dip stick handle broke when the serpentine belt broke

-No coolant leaks

-One small transmission line leak up by the area it ties into the radiator. Small drip every so often.

-New redhead gear box and steering shaft with the ujoint upgrade.

-Transmission shifts through all the gears as it should and maintains hwy speeds as it should.

-4wd works as it should with no effort needed to shift in or out of 4wd.

-Cruise Control works as it should.

-Brakes are your usual 1993 dodge truck brakes. They do the job but not hydroboost so don't expect it to stop on a dime.

AC does not blow cold. Heat will burn you out.


Small spots of surface rust shown in the pics. Floors are solid but also show signs of surface rust. Otherwise nothing major to talk about in the rust department from what I've seen in looking it over. Paint has the 90s clear failing on the roof and hood. There is a dent in the top of the driver's fender as seen in the pics. There is also a dent from when a previous owner backed into something pushing in the sheet metal a little. Otherwise just the typical 26 year old paint fade throughout.


I installed a bluetooth radio to help bring it to the modern age for use with internet radio and also aids in helping get better sound quality out of the factory speakers.

No rips or significant wear to any of the seats. Some cigarette burn marks here and there. Nothing major just worth mentioning. Carpet is clean and there are no odors in the interior. Just normal wear and tear for a vehicle that was used but not abused.


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