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DusterRT's Other Vehicles

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These are all previous rides with the exception of the Duster. I've got stories for all of them I'll get around to telling eventually.

The Mustang's a '67 Coupe. First car ever, got it when I was 14. Had it for about 8 months and my dad and I decided it was a little too far gone, and I had fallen in love with the Duster he found through a guy at work anyway. People who bought it from us sank $10,000+ into it and it wasn't that nice after all that. It was a project I guess you could say, lol.

Speaking of projects...the Duster looked decent when we got it, and awesome in pictures. It's in a state of dis-repair right now. One of those, "Parked to replace head gasket, snowballing into ground up resto" stories. It's a numbers matching, 1 owner 340 car. But she's pretty rusty!

Ahh, the green Dart. Bought to get me to work and school the winter after I turned 16. Loved that car but we got into a huge fight and I sold it for $200. Shoulda kept it! Coulda had more than $200 worth of fun with it looking back. Motivated by a Super Six'd 225, it could only hit 90 MPH, but she could burn 'em till the cows came home given the right conditions. As fate would have it, the truck behind me that wound up getting covered in molten rubber is the one I'd wind up buying a few months later. Never saw that one coming...

This is my old '71 Swinger that came from California. You could eat off the undercarriage, which is astonishing for a rust-belt native. It drew a crowd at the exhaust shop when I had duals put on it was so clean. It was one of the coolest cars I've ever owned. 318-auto with a zillion miles and no oil pressure at idle. I like the light blue (I think it was Glacial Blue or something?) and white combination, if I put glossy paint on my RC it'll probably be this same combo! Looked great in the rain. Probably my favorite part was the white and medium blue interior, looked gorgeous! About all I did was add fuzzy dice and the hood scoops. And the duals. Sounded great!

Ahh, the old truck. Even though it is a Chevy, I grew to love this thing. I dis-liked it for a while actually. Just a little 305, but the 5-speed made it fun! I took it from an old tan plain Jane nothing special work truck to what you see here. In the words of my buddy, I "Took it from nothing to totally bad-ass," a comment that makes me smile every time I think about it. :) Y-ed off duals with just a high flow cat made it sound absolutely spectacular. If I will miss anything, it will be the sound. Had plans for a solid front axle swap, found a parts truck and everything. As fate would have it, I got into a bit of trouble with our bogus police force for having fun with a snowy parking lot one weekend night, and had to pay the lawyer somehow. But it gave me an excuse to get into a Dodge again, a removable top RC at that.

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I've got a feeling this will use up the bandwidth limit in a quick fashion. If you don't see pictures, go here!

i like tht swinger..want one? i no of a 74 auto 318 for 950...rusty but "has 10,000 miles" according to the junk yard owner..10,000 the 4th time around!
Hey! i thought i was the only one in the world the liked darts, specially slant 6 darts! got anymore pics of your /6 or 318 dart?
Ya, I'm working on a little wesite to stick all my pictures. I want another slant six car. Actually I'd like to build a cagedodge with a 225 and a 4 speed. That would be a tough, cool rig. Maybe not fast, but cool! Or maybe a kit car with a twin turbo injected 225 and a 6 speed..oh the possibilities are endless until you realize you're a broke ass college student lol.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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