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DusterRT's '75 RC

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Yep, Yahoo does NOT like that... see link below.
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looks good man! need any help workin on it?
If those don't work, try going here, not sure if yahoo likes remote linking.

Specs: 360, 727 auto, NP203, D44 and 9-1/4 with 3.55's in the rear and no gears in front, messed up electrical system, lot-o-bondo but hopefully not much rust under, kinda ratty interior. worn out 32" BFG's that were supposed to be 3 months old but seller forgot to mention they were bought well used! Never buy long distance w/o a 3rd party inspector...

Nah, well not in need of help enough warranting the trouble of getting down to where she is at least. I got a posse of grease monkies at home to assist me if I need it. But if you're ever in the area, lemme know, I'm the lone Mopar dude in these parts. Been tinkering at various degrees since I was 14 and love to do it (which is good in this case!).

Nice rig man . Shouldn't take a hell of alot to get her in good form .

Pictures can hide alot though, man lol. I've got some pictures the owner sent me, it looks like it would need a rear bumper and it'd be done if you weren't looking for a perfect paint job. It's not horrible but not what I was hoping for or expecting...

trust me that body on your Rc doesn't look awfully bad . nothing a few weekends of sanding can't fix . Should be pretty easy to get painted thogh .

Mopar_Man said:
Well Travis it don't look as bad as I thought it would man!
Agreed! I was picturing something in a lot worse shape.

BTW, you have email. :)
doesnt look too bad! i've seen some ramchargers in worse condition that that!
Thats alot better than my '75! Just be glad that yours is all in one colour with limited dents. Mine is full of dents and bondo, and i swear the wiring was done by a drunk monkey with alzheimers.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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