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I would like to do a dual battery setup in my RC - now, I read the How To by GunPilot and understood the steps he laid out - but I have one question. As I understood it, the alternator will charge both batteries through the isolator. Now, I want to run a high wattage amplifier and speaker from the second battery. That will be the only thing on this battery. Now, the amp will take alot of juice and drain the second battery. Will this introduce a load for the alternator, in addition to the first battery?

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I don't think it will effect the first battery as far as drain is concerned, but it will still put a load on your alternator. No matter how many batteries you have on board, the alternator is your only source of 12V power generation. The isolator will protect your first battery from being drained by the stereo, but the load on the alternator from the second battery will decrease the amount of charge that the first battery will receive.

Depending on how much current your stereo uses, you may want to look into a high output alternator anyway. Just my opinion though, and I'm far from being an expert. ;D
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