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Doctor told the guy he'd have move out west for his health. "Find the dryest climate you can" the Doc says. "Your lung problems should clear up considerably."

After asking about the weather in several towns, he keeps moving west into the desert. Pulling into a weather beaten crossroads in the middle of nowhere, he asks an old timer on the porch of the hotel when it rained last. After much consideration the old feller says, "Well, best as I remember, it was the spring of '53. Mighta been '52, no...........

The guy decides this is what he needs so he starts unloading. Going down the hall with an armload of stuff, he sees a woman in the restroom, door wide open, using a douche in full veiw.
"Well, the hell with this place, buncha uncouth people" he says.

He starts packing his stuff back in the car, the old timer asks him why he's leaving.

" Too dry. Seen a woman in there, she was having to prime the damn thing just to take a leak."
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