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Driveshaft yoke???

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What's up guys? Have another question about my truck shaking problem. I took my driveshaft to get rebalanced and they told me to bring in the yoke going towards the transfer case. So I did and it's pretty shot up. It's all banged up so he told me that they don't make these yokes anymore. That they are obselete. He is going to have to put a new one one and none of them match the exact specs. One is too tall and the other is ones seal is bigger. Is this true? Or is he just pulling my leg. Also he said if I went with the bigger seal I would have to replace the old one. How would I do that? He just told me to pop the old one out and pop the new one in. Sounds pretty basic, but I really have no clue. Thanks a lot guys.
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So he told you to bring the slip yoke in? cork or dustcap seal? It's gonna be hard to fix if you are just trying to fix the slip yoke and not the whole shaft. Being that they say the items are obselete thats most likely true. We scrap inventory over 4 years old or less. Then I think service goes back only 5-10 years I think. You most likely have a 1330 series driveshaft have them build you a new one. Rear correct? I have to build a new shaft for my 85 RC with stuff around the shop. It won't be factory but will be heavy duty.
Ok let me try and understand this, you took your shaft out and pulled the slip yoke apart?, and left the other end of the driveshaft in the yoke that is bolted to the t-case? then the d shaft company you went to handed you some BS like i said already in the 1st post on this vibration problem, they still make that god awful old style junk slip yoke, you don't want that anyway, you want the new style smooth shaft seal slip yoke and when you re-install it make sure the yokes are lined up and the slip is at the t-case side not the rear side.

When either the slip or the yoke is worn replace both
Evildriver-3 No I didn't pull the slip yoke out. I pulled the t-case yoke off because it was all torn up. So the guy gave me a different t-case yoke that is a little taller. The new one is a lot more sturdy and stronger than the old one. I'm going to see if the driveshaft will fit with the new t-case yoke (if it's long enough or too long) and if it does fit I'm just going to leave it like that. He said if it doesn't fit I'm going to have to cut the driveshaft and re-balance it and then install it. The diff. yoke is in perfect condition so I don't think I should replace it. What do you guys think? Should I just get a whole new driveshaft with new yokes? I'm in college right now and I'm not too high on money. Is this now making any sense. I'm sorry if I wasn't too clear explaining my situation. If you guys have any more questions that would help you understand or help me out please respond. Thanks again guys.
Just to let you guys know I solved the problem. I changed the t-case yoke and now there is no more vibration. I think the diff. yoke is a little jacked up and I may need to change it. But for now I'm satisfied. Thanks guys.
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