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door alignement

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on my 91 rc after my accendent my door was out of alignment now i replaced my door hinges and the bottem is stickin out like half an inch what can i do to fix this??
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have fun with that. lol, its not too hard just dont loosen the bolts too much ot the alignment wont hold very well. and has anybody heard of the bottom hinge tearing the door metal a bit then kinda sinking into the door a bit? its happened on mine and dont know what to do to fix it. when open the door sags a bit. and closing it i gotta slam it to pop it up onto the striker. pass door is perfect.
my pass door is great. but i think what happened is that the driver opened the door too hard and it ripped part of the metal. prolly when the front bumper hit something and they crunched that fender a bit. all excitied or something they slammed it open amd hurt it more. but i figure if i take a jack i can hold it where its all lined up on the sheetmetal and make a few tacks. then weld a big place on the inside there.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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