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Don't always trust the chains....

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The following is part of a story on the XJ website about a member's weekend he had. He starts about what kind of trails and terrain he went on....then he starts his trip home.....

2 hours later I get into Jefferson City. Stop for a bit to check my Jeep and pee. On I go. Get off highway 54 onto north 63. Go about 3 miles and cross a little bridge and see an accident on the southbound lanes. OH CRAP, I see Randys Jeep!!! Look in front of me, and the motorhome is parked on the side of the road on the northbound lanes WITHOUT the trailor attached!! Randy and his wife flag me down and we go over to where the YJ is sitting on its side (I got there about 15 minutes after this happened). Down the hill in the ditch is a Honda Passport with fire and ambulance crews working. Apparently what had happened was, sometime on the way home, the cotter pin, that goes though the hole in the hitch pin had worked its way out. When Randy went over the bridge, the hinge pin fell out releasing the trailor. Randy had tried to cut the trailor off but couldn’t get to it. The trailor went though the middle grassy median and into on coming traffic. The trailor slammed head on with the Honda. When it hit, the YJ broke free and flipped upside down onto the Honda then the YJ rolled off onto its side.

The woman who was driving the Passport was airlifted to the hospital with 2 broken arms, a cut stomach (from the steering wheel) and couldn’t feel her legs. We pray for her. Randy’s YJ is totaled. The front axle had hit the Passport pushing the axle back, shoving the driveshaft trough the transfer case. The trailor had hit the Passport so hard it shattered the upper half of its engine! Randy is really shuck up over the whole ordeal, I am too a little.

After they got everything cleaned off the road, Ann (Randy’s wife) drove him home (Randy had called his wife) in her ZJ. I followed, and then I gave Ann a ride back to the motorhome so she could drive it home. I finally get to go home. After 10 hours of driving (4 hours with the accident) I made it home. What a great, but horrible weekend!

......Apparently the chains were attached to the motorhome, but broke off when the trailer decided to go elsewhere. Just be sure everything is secure when towing....and not to take anything for granted..... :eek:
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I haven't seen a trailer yet with chains big enough to hold in case of a break-away
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