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I want to get rid of the vacuum disco D44 front axle under my '87 RC in the near future and I'm kicking around some ideas.

I don't see me running any bigger than a 35x12.50 tire in the foreseeable future, so I don't need a Dana60 front axle at the moment and won't for a few years when the money will be right.

A few questions for those of you with more experience :

- Would the 5-lug outers on my current Dana44 swap onto a '73-77 Chevy Dana44 front or '77-91 Chevy
  Corporate 10-bolt front axle's knuckles? (6-bolt spindles?)
- Would my Dodge knuckles swap on to a Chevy Dana44/10-bolt?

I know the spring perch width is different between Chevy and Dodge D44 front axles. I know stock '72-93 Dodge D44HD/D60 3/4 ton axles are a virtual bolt-in, but do the '85-93 3/4 ton Dodge Dana44 front axles have the vacuum disconnect like the 1/2 ton versions?

Any tips or suggestions are welcome

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