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Dodge dually DRW dana 70-2U (1989) disc brake conversion By Josh

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Submitted By: Josh
Date: February 19, 2011, 09:03:28 PM
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]I didn't find a recipe specifically for the d70-2U dually rear out of a Dodge - so here it is. Took longer than I expected - results are worth it none-the-less.

Parts (I'll fill more of these in when I walk back out to the shop and examine receipts)

Caliper Brackets are from - D70 HD brackets for crew cab Chevy duallys (figured I'd give these a shot...)
Calipers - standard Chevy 3/4 ton front 73-87 etc.
Rotors - 2003 Chevy 3500 Express Van rear dually rotor (most all 1 ton rear dually rotors in the 2000+ GM stuff)
Studs - Dorman 610-215 (factory stud for this axle)
Brake lines - Chevette 1979 front lines

Starting point... 1990 Ramcharger w/1tons - usual stuff.

9/16" studs I swapped into this rear 12 years ago aren't long enough after the addition of a 1/2" spacer plate

Wheel/tire removed - large dually drum exposed... as well as my eBay-made in china 1/2" spacer plate.

Top view to show how the axle necks down before the brake backing plate flange. Don't make fun of my un-cut U-bolts...

Axle pulled, hole stuffed...

Hub/drum pulled... time for a brake job? heh... (for the keen eyes - I did away with the E brake 12 years ago...)


Drum brake backing plate removed to reveal 4 bolt flange

Rear shot to show the distance between the flange and spindle on a dually rear as well as the axle 'neck' down...

Dressing the flange up a bit - the caliper brackets didn't quite fit - I massaged the bracket on the passenger side vs. the step in the flange on the drivers side...

Caliper bracket had many holes... I drilled my own for two reasons - place the air bleeder at the 12 o'clock position for ease of air evacuation and to miss the springs with the caliper bolts

New custom hole positions scribed...

Drilling the rotor holes out to 11/16ths - I had a friend open up the hub hole from ~4.8" to 5.2" on a lathe (goofed that, didn't have to go quite so big... no biggie)

Massaging the made in china 1/2" wheel spacer plates to 43/64ths

Drilling the four new 1/2" flange mounting holes in the caliper brackets

Bolting on the caliper bracket

Getting set up to press in the studs

Afterwards checking to see if a .003 feeler gauge would snag under the edge of the stud head - none did - good enuff...

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Black paint

Spindle cleaned up a bit

Hub/rotor back on

Axle back in

Attempting to show where I grinded the caliper slightly in two places - as well as a couple different places on each pad to prevent 'rubbing'

Caliper mounted - everything clears nicely...

I see that I need to break down and fab up the HD rear spring plates I've always talked about...

'79 Chevette front brake line

Taking up some slack in the passenger side brake line with a couple squiggles... heh

Spacer plate back on...

5/8" lug nuts now have a better hold on the slightly longer factory dually studs

Caliper in a convenient location for cleaning/inspection - I'll post pics of the first rock that leaves a mark...
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