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Dodge 4x4 Binding front wheels in 4 wheel Drive

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My 1995 Dodge 1500 4X4 works great in 2 wheel dr. when I shift into four wheel dr. I am okay driving straight but when I turn the front wheels, especially to the left, the veh starts to bind up the front wheels etc. Anyone have experience with this problem? Much appreciated.
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on my dads 85, it did the same thing.i talked to a friend who is a tech for mopar. he said to first check the normal things,then change the transfer case fuild. same thing, he was stumped for a bout a minute the we checked the tire height, the front where 1" or so taller. (he had just put 2 news on the front.) so we put 2 new ones on the back and bingo problem gone. when i asked ed what happened, he told me the newer transfer cases have a tighter tolerence. ive have been told it dosent matter but i saw the difference. so i dont know if this will help.
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