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I bet this would make a nice open discussion but I'm putting here WOW
A nice 6x6 dodge quad cab pick up truck selling for a friend that is on steroids and is ready for the mud, swamp anything you want to feed it just strap in for some fun , the running gear is 5 ton axles, powered by the awesome dodge 5.9 cummins diesel motor, nv 4500 manual transmission, with full spline shafts and cast iron tail section, connected to a 241 HD transfer case, to a 2 1/2 ton 2nd transfer case , also has a 20000 hydraulic winch which is pto driven, custom wheels, tires are 16.9x28 r-1 tractor tires, owners phone # 813-376-4766 , he can even haul for additional fee, ebay pulled off early cause of reconstruction title, I have title to truck, I hauled it to Florida swaps for serious fun, it is not street legal in state of Tennessee where I live maybe that's why they pulled it off not sure but here it is again
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