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Submitted By: Trailduster79
Date: November 16, 2008, 11:09:59 PM
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Do It Yourself Beadlocks - Trailduster79

I chose his kits because they have a inner ring welded to the inner beadlock.

This ring helps keep the outter beadlock ring from becoming distorted when the bolts are tightened down, it also helps to keep dirt and other debris from getting wedged between the bead and the beadlock rings. It is totally up to you as to which kit you buy, but for me this kit seemed to be the best built kit available.

His kit also came with the bolts, washers, and nut inserts.

Step 1.

Dismount your tires from your rims, or if you are using new rims then skip to step two. You can either have this professionally done, or you can do it yourself.

Step 2.

Grind off any powder coating or paint that may be on the outter edge of the rim.

Step 3.

Center the beadlock ring on the rim and tack it in place with a couple welds to help keep it centered during final weld. I used a slide caliper and went around the ring till it was the same distance from the outter lip of the rim all the way around.

Step 4.

Weld the ring to the rim. I would use a couple passes on opposite sides to keep the ring from shifting.

Also, try to fill the gap between the ring and the rim as much as possible because this is where the tire will be resting when the beadlocks are bolted together.

Step 5.

Paint the rims with a color of your choice. Make sure to paint the back side of the ring to help prevent rusting.

Step 6.

Remount the tires on the rims. Since the outter bead will be bolted down, you only have to get the inner bead back on the rim. I found that spraying the bead with some WD-40 made it really easy to get the bead back on the rim.

Lay the tire down on the rim, and push as much of the bead on by hand as you can.

I used an old trailer leaf spring to pry the rest of the bead on the rim, a tire spoon, large screwdriver, or pry bar could also be used.

Here is what I used

Step 7.

Mounting the outter bead.

Since wheel weights can't really be used with beadlocks, I decided to use bb's. I put about 1 pound of bb's in each tire. This amount was used because before the beadlocks were added, the most weight that was on a single rim was 30 oz, so I divided that in half and used 1 pound. You divide by half because the weight will be at the tire, and not at the rim.

After putting the bb's in the tires, I ran a bead of calk on top of the welds in accordance with the instructions that came with the beadlocks.

Then to make it easier to get the outter ring on I put the tire and rim up on another rim to help pull the tire down on the rim.

Center the tire on the rim as much as possible.

Lay the outter ring on the tire and line up the holes in the two rings. You may have to use a longer bolt to start the included bolts, but I didn't have to. Start the bolts opposite of each other, I went ahead and put one at 4 corners to help hold the outter ring down evenly.

Now you can start putting the supplied bolts all the way around the rim. You need to do it in a criss cross pattern, going from opposite sides of the rim. Torque the bolts to 35 foot pounds.

After all the bolts are in, go around the rim and re-torque the bolts again to 35 foot pounds. Then you can seat the inner bead.

Repeat as many times as you need to.

Make sure you check the air pressure in the tires a day or so after you finish. It is possible for there to be a small leak. You can either break them down and re-apply the calk or you can run a can of slime or fix a flat to help seal the leak.
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