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Diggers woody! Interior and exterior... updated 2.28

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Diggers woody!

Well, sort of..

You will see why we call it a woody in a second.

First - this is my RC - an 87-2WD-360 with a Jasper rebuild and RV cams pulling our 21 foot 1973 Airstream Safari.

We make a hell of a show when cruising down the road!

Although we are from Baton Rouge - the picture was made in north Louisiana.

Hey it IS a Louisiana truck!

Set up with our 28 foot Mardi Gras float - couple of local Krewe members working on it in this shot.

First issue - -One of my complaints about the truck was the lack of cup-holders - more often than I care to mention, Ive had a drink dumped on my feet. This is a very cheap and easy solution to the problem - use the idea if you think it will work for you. Can you guess what I made my cup-holders out of?

How was it done?

I went to Lowes and got two drain covers in the landscaping section - they generally come in bright green. I painted them with primer and found a spray at a discount store that pretty much matched my interior. I drilled out a hole at the bottom, and screwed them into my console. No more wet feet and a heck of a lot cheraper than a new console!

Second issue -- The panels on both sides of the truck were smashed in when I bought it. I think the guy used it to haul bricks. In addition to being pretty ugly they caused my RC to squeak beyond measure! I HATE squeaking! Plus the door panels were flapping loose and nothing I could do, short of epoxying the suckers would keep them on. That was not acceptable because I know I will have to eventually get in and out of there. I hate squeaking.

Possible solutions

I know I could buy a new set, score some in the junkyard or pull them out and forget it - but - I opted for good more old Louisiana Coonassed engineering

What I did.

I pulled and pried as much of them out as I could and filled in the cavities with half a roll of attic insulation to deaden the outside sound even in the small areas of the back hatch - it really made a difference. Earlier some one posted the idea of putting the insulation in a plastic sack first that is a great idea and I wish I had done it maybe next time I have the cavities open I will.

Then I took a roll of 1/2 inch window insulation, kind of like foam tape with one sticky side - and ran it along all of the edges where the panels came into contact with the metal.

After that I grabbed a bundle of door framing molding we had left over from a renovation project, cut it to fit with a chop saw (tricky cut around the lights) stained it and finished it with 6 coats of Helmsman marine semi gloss finish and screwed it all in with self tapping screws. The screws pulled the panels back out to original (almost) form. As you can see in the front door _ I did a similar trick only using smaller wood strips.

Not factory restored but inexpensive and it only cost me a couple of hour's worth of time-- best of all -- NO squeaking! Uh, did I mention I hate squeaking?

Hope this is of some use to y'all!

Yup. I love my woody-- hey, what were you thinking about!?!?!
;D ;D ;D
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That is sharp! and cheap? I like it.
That is SWEET!!!!!!!!!! I love the look. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing that project with us.
Great ideas!-Looks really good.
I think this needs to be in a how-to ;D

Very nice...

I wish i had pics of the tounge and groove i had in my RC, just the interior walls not the doors or hatch though
that looks great! very creative! good job {cool}
very nice, I also like the rug
pretty sweet man. looks good. just convert that post into a howto and boost ur status and then everyone will be able to see it too. and i dont think ya mentioned it but do you hate squeeking?
I love that wood trim and the new cup holders and whare did you get the gator?
Ram said:
I love that wood trim and the new cup holders and whare did you get the gator?
Ebay - my wife and I have a running bet on how long it will last up there before it gets ripped off..

in that case I have spare!
Wow, that looks awesome.
truely wicked gator
Only problem with the gator is - my view of him never changes......
looks nice kinda finishes off the woody look.

Nice gator and nice trim inside. I was looking at about a 53 or 54 Chrysler wagoon with mahogany and stainless on the floor in back. Looked great. Wood inside adds a nice feel.
Digger Bear, you are a clever guy! I like the wood, looks good and works great! The cupholders were smart, too. I never quite understood why the factory put such pathetic cupholders in the Ramchargers. The gator is cool, too. Thanks for making us Louisiana guys look good.

Uh oh, I just heard a squeak, gotta go take care of it.

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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