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Desert Dog's W200 after suspension lift

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Keep in mind this is an ongoing project. I just managed to get it back together on the 4th... I still don't have an operational front axle, but I am working on it...


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sweet1 will look kiler when it's all done{cool}
Nice, how much lift? What tires do you plan on putting on?
That is a Rough Country 4" lift with new back springs... I currently have 31's... (yes those are 31's) and I want to put 35's on when the time comes... (soon) This is what is holding me up right now though:


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dat kina beeg lika 60. oh-ohh-oh-ohhhh(ala tim the toolman)
just wondering, howd u get so many colors?
very cool ;D
looks sweet, whats holding you up?
just wondering, howd u get so many colors?
Experimentation my dear Watson...

CWillie... What is holding me up? (The wall right now... ::) ) But seriously, in no particular order:




I need $100 for ball joints, $30 for front axle u-joints, $50 for exhaust...

Fortunately, I get a bonus from the company at the end of the month... ;D

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That type of paint is what we call "urban camo"
She is well on her way, keep up the good work!
Well I took it out for the first time for some serious four wheeling yesterday, and I am impressed. It doesn't have a whole lot of flex, but most vehicles with a 149" wheelbase usually don't. ;D

The ride is ten times better than with the stock springs, and with the new adjustable drag link I really have a short turning radius, for a 22' truck anyway... ::) It is definitely tighter than stock.

I didn't make any changes to the 440, but I have to tell you, it has MUCHO CAJONES. It was effortless and never even sounded like it was working hard. This was the first real test of the electric fans I installed in the spring and it kept the motor in the operating temperature range the whole time. I am going to have to invest in a 100 amp alternator though to offset the power consumption of the fans, but it is not essential at the moment. There were a couple of times when I shut it down hot, and when I went to start it again, the fans kicked on when it was trying to start and pulled the 1000 amp battery pretty good, but it still started. I may have to investigate a cut-out for the fans when the starter is engaged.

I am VERY happy with the results of the rebuild, and I wish I could post the pictures I took of the adventure...

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can hardly wait to see it in action....{smoke}
You might have some luck at the scrap yard finding brackets to mount the 117 amp Dodge alt on to your 440 block..

thats a sweet new front axel. hope it doesn't make the rest of the truck jealous.
thats going to be one bad truck!! you'll love it even more with the axle swap! can't wait to see some more progress pics!! I'm working on mine everyday!........I kinda like to see other peoples progress also! mine kinda gets stagnate sometimes! lol! keep us updated!.........later...KC! ;)
Any updates? Pretty cool looking rig
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