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Denatured Alcohol

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Friend of mine tells me if I get my tank of gas down to about 5 gallons and then throw in a gallon of denatured alcohol, it will clear out the water and gunk.

SO... Before I do it -

1. Will that really help?

2. Will it screw up anything?

Thanks for the help!

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If you hve water in it why not just use the $.99 bottle of yellow stuff (Don't remember the name) It removes water. As far as gunk, is there a lot of it in there?
ramit87 said:
If you have water in it why not just use the $.99 bottle of yellow stuff (Don't remember the name) It removes water. As far as gunk, is there a lot of it in there?
Gunk in the engine - probably not. The engine and carb are almost new. The gas tank could be another issue. Its an 87 RC and Im sure no one has touched it since the factory install. I've been having some problems that appear to be moisture related and want to rule that out before I proceed. Friend tells me the small bottles of additives are good but generally dont do a good/complete job.

I figure, if the denatured wont hurt, Ill try it - but - dont want to make matters worse by putting something through the engine that will mess it up.
Lol sorry not laughing at you but listen up, how is it gonna get out of the tank, it's one thing to pull water in with fuel and run shitty for alittle while it's another thing to start plugging filters or crap getting past a filter and into the carb or injector and causing more problems.

If the tank is that bad drop it and get it cleaned at a rad/gas tank shop, then if you want alittle more insurance put a larger filter in
this was a double post and my remove BUTTON is GONE
Just use Heet. Its about 75 cents a bottle. One of its ingredients is alchol. Alcohol asborbs water and allows it to burn. The denatured alchol you usually find in a store is 70 % alchol and 30% water. I'm not sure how much more water it can absorb, thats why i say just get the bottle of Heet. Also Heet has another type of water remover that is more expensive and more complete so they claim in a red bottle.
Heet-That's what I couldn't remember. ED made some good points if it is that bad you should probaly drop the tank and clean it out.
Thanks for the info!
You can also use Methanol. We use it at work when we do a hydro.
From what I was told years ago, isopropyl alcohol is better then methanol. "supposedly" methanol will eat away at seals and o-rings if you use too much of it. Isopropyl is usually cheaper too!
I just realized i confusd denatured alcohol with Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is what you can buy in the store and it is 70% alcohol and 30% water. Now that i think of it i don't even know what denatured alcohol is. Either way i would just get a bottle or two of Heet.
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