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Ok thought i would contribute this. I installed this product on my 1998 1500 ram 4x4. i already had a 3 inch rancho lift and wanted to level it out, if not even make it sit nose high for improved clearence. I am running the metric equal to 33x12.50.16s I ordered the daystar coil spring spacers($91.99) from OffRoad Unlimited in Arizona. it took about 4 weeks for them to get here. but i also live in germany so thats not to bad. instalation was no different than installing new springs. about 45 minutes a side. i used a lift and a floor jack. over all they gave me all i wanted. a little extra clearence to smoosh my tires up into the fender well and a level look to my trruck. so foar i have not had any squeaking which is common with ureathane products but we'll see. i give this product a go to any one looking for a little more clearance for a little do.

Offroad Unlimited
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