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This is more of how not to because, pull the glass. Been playing with a few ideas I found around here that led me to just pull the glass.

The first thing I worked out is cutting up a couple mending plates to make a weather strip tool:

Wood Material property Gas Font Tints and shades

Couple bends, couple bolts, slip in under gap at corner:
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Fixture Bumper

Slide it along the edge until ya find a screw. In pic above I previous marked location w/ a sharpie.
Automotive tire Hood Bumper Motor vehicle Vehicle door

Ignore the c-clamp. Use the flat head for both leverage and to lift up more of the seal:
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

Red arrow is basic flat head sheet metal screw, yellow arrow is mark I made on seal to show location:
Tire Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper

This is where you have options. One is drill a hole through the seal, take the screw out through it. One is grab a sharp utility knife, make a couple slits in the seal, create a flap over the screw. One is run the utility knife down the length of the seal about an inch or so up from the edge. All three leave cosmetic issues and a heat gun doesn't help enough. The last one likely the quickest because less hunting for screws and less fighting the edge of the dash under the seal.

Locations of the seven screws along the top edge:
Motor vehicle Bicycle part Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior
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