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Dana 44 Drive flanges?

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I'm set up with a chevy 3/4 ton (8 lug) HD44 front end and a full time 203 transfer case. I am wondering if there is an alternative to manual locking hubs out there?
I was thinking that it'd be great to have simple drive flanges for permanent, positive hub engagement. Anyone know where to source?
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Can you swap in the same manual locking hubs (warn, milemarker, etc ) that other dodges use into the CAD axles?
If so than they would be compatible.
RCC_SaMiaM said:
Hey, have you checked out the TX Chapter? We go on runs at least once a month. I am a rock guy too :) Check it out, we should be heading for a run this month.
Thanks for the heads up. My family and I are new to the state and we'd love to find out more about offroad events nearby.
Thx, I'll check out the TX chapter section.

I've been looking for more info on what the CAD hubs are like. Nothing so far. Maybe there isn't anything out there right now that works. That's really surprising considering how common this axle hub is; any store out there has stock of manual hubs that would work. If mile-marker or warn produced these I'm sure there are plenty of people with full-time transfer cases and/or dedicated trail rigs out there to buy them. Oh well.
Yeah, seeing the hub flange for the 60 is what made me want one for my 44. No aftermarket offering at all so far as I've found. If anyone has seen the hub setup on both a CAD and regular axle please sound in on whether they're similar.
Great, that sounds like it would work.
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