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Dana 44 Drive flanges?

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I'm set up with a chevy 3/4 ton (8 lug) HD44 front end and a full time 203 transfer case. I am wondering if there is an alternative to manual locking hubs out there?
I was thinking that it'd be great to have simple drive flanges for permanent, positive hub engagement. Anyone know where to source?
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Hit up a junk yard and look for a 1985 dodge truck or RC with a 1/2 ton dana 44. That'll have the cad. I've also seen the CAD setup on some 3/4 ton dana 44s. You can even try looking aftermarket. I know there is a fulltime hub flange for the dana 60 front axle that replaces the manual hub.
The CAD and nonCAD setup are similar in hub assembly design only. You know what the manual hubs look like on the inside with the knob and rest of the internals. On the CAD there is just a chrome cap on the outside, snap rings, and a drive flange that ties the axle shaft and hub together to make it essentially a fulltime setup.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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