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Dana 44 and a CAD D-44

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heres a thought i had:

for those suffering with CAD issues on the Dana 44s 85-01 trucks why cant you just swap out the intermediate shaft (the passenger side shaft) from an earlier Dana 44 81-84 or order one from spicer and slap that in? then with manual hubs you dont have to pay the 180 for a vaccuum motor or do any shimming or even worry about that little slider.

after that is all done make a plate to cover the CAD Motor part where the access cover is an you have an easier way to fill the front axle during lube changes!

the CAD vacuum motor from Mopar is 180$
a posi lok cable kit is 200$

premium hubs are between 80-100$

and a shaft could be scored at a J/Y for about 20-30 bucks

the plate could use the old bolts the gaskets are .50$ an the plate would be real easy. maybe 10 bucks.

plus you could do a way with the dingle ball vacuum chamber on the left side of the T-case an have another place to safley run true duals exhaust!

well whatcha think?

oh heres for CAD Owners an for GP (not gun pilot, general purpose)
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From what I know about the cad shafts, there is spot on them that goes to over 1.5" OD because the oil seal is at the CAD assembily, and not at the 3rd like on a pre-84 dana 44.

Wish it were that easy.

Yup, it's where the oil seal/bearings ride that's the issue, man. Would be one helluva custom axle job (read $$$$$$$)
bummer i was hoping like a J/Y bolt on to save dough.

back to scrounging
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