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Hello all, I just rebuilt a 3.9 V-6 in a 87 Dakota. This was the first year for the Dakota and the only year with a carburetor. I had the carb rebuilt also.

So everything is back together now and it will start and idle just perfect. It also revs up and runs good at higher RPM so long as it is in PARK!! Put it in gear and it won't take gas it just bogs down. Now you can feather the gas and talk sweet to it and it will eventually get to 55 MPH but it misses and bogs down the whole time.

My guess is the float is set wrong but since there is so much electronics hooked to the carb I thought I would see what you guys think.
By the way timing is right, compression & oil pressure are way up there and it is not overheating. So any thoughts?
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