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Dakota auto trans question

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I'm doing this diagnosis from afar so I don't have tons of info.

'91 Dakota, V-6 (3.9L?) automatic.

Does not want to shift out of first except at WOT. When it warms up it acts a little better but still does not like to shift.

I'm thinking about doing a fluid/filter change and band adjustment. At least it will be cheap start.

Is this a 518 tranny? Either way does anyone know how to do the band adjustment for this truck?

Mucho thanks in advance

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It should be the A500 4 speed not a 518
a500, i would do as you said, fuild,fitler and bands adj. how many miles on it? yes its a 3.9
Okey dokey, A500 it is. How about a band adjustment step by step? Turns, torque values etc?

Not sure of the miles but it is probably around 100k


the a500 is the same as a904 except o/d. the kick down band adj is on the driver side/outside of trans and low-rev band is inside. if you dont have a haynes manual go and get one. they arent the best but will give you lots of basic info. tom
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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