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cutting out

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hey guys i have a friend who just got a 1994 dakota, 318 magnum.

his problem is any time it gets below a half tank of fuel it cuts out, doesnt die totally.

i told him to try using compressed air to blow of the sock filter on his fuel pickup, was wondering if oyu guys had any other ideas to try looking at?

any advice will be appreciated


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Actually he should check the fuel pressure @ the regulator and see if hte fuel pump in the tank is dying a slow death like the one in my Jetta died slowly and left my ass stranded in an ice storm one night .
Is the frame rails wide enough ona dak to make a 35 gal fit it ? that and u would need to make new straps to hod the tank in as well . Also i have no idea if the hole in the tank is too big i think .
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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