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Cummins 1/4 mile

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Now thats a movin in a Cummins!!! :eek: :eek:
Oh my gosh!!!! THat it is the coolest video ever.!!!!! I loved it.... I loved the sound and the big black smoke!!!!!!! Oh...I have to watch it again......... 8) Boy did he smoke that other thruck or what?
That truck comes to the Mopar car show here in houston every year. It's fun to watch it run especialy when it's up against a race car or a viper & it spanks their a$$. ;D
That'd be a nice motor to have in a RC running on a set of 38" tires.
What kind of mods did they do to that thing to make it run like that?

PS: I'm stupid in general, and even more dumb about diesels. :-\
It doesn't take much to get big power out of a cummins. The main problem lies in getting the tranny to handle all that power. Just simple adjustments to the motor, along with exhaust mods, intake mods and new injectors and turning the boost up. For example, my old cummins (now GP's) had 185 hp and 400 ftlbs of torque stock. With the Banks stinger pack and AFE intake it should of been bushing about 500 ftlbs on paper. Adjust the injection pump and some other simple adjustment mods and 550 ftlbs would be easy to claim, then throw in some injectors and turn the boost up, you could be pushing over 300 hp and over 700 ftlbs of torque easy.
what in the name of all that is holy..... that truck looks bone stock and it almost ran 11 seconds

how the, it didnt even burn out..... how? where? what?

who owns that truck, jesus?
BIll Bill Bill Bill! LOL! You make my day sometimes!
Didn't look like his 60-foot time was all that great, but he sure made it up on the big end.

That 12 second time would beat a lot of street hemis...

The thing is, you could hook that truck to a 12000 pound trailer and take it up Grapevine Pass at 70...
That is so sweet. Makes me want a diesel.
:eek:Man that was awesome :eek:
GunPilot said:
The thing is, you could hook that truck to a 12000 pound trailer and take it up Grapevine Pass at 70...
I just heard Grapevine pass (i think) in that song called hot rod lincoln. what is it?
i downloaded that vid to my comp, DAMN! THATS ONE FAST CUMMINS! thats alot of black smoke man, holy hell.
That is one Bad Cummins! I want my Diesel to run like that!

i know that guy . his name is jeff . he worked on my dodge and it has a hole hell of a lot more power now . that truck is even faster now with the auto in it .
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