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Crown King Run Date

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Okay, guys, knowing in advance that we will not be able to choose a date that will work well with each and every one of our members, let's start getting an idea of which weekend works best for the majority.

Choose the weekend that works best with your schedule, and then if you have a second choice, post it here.

After the Labor Day Weekend rush, we'll really start pinning this down and making some firm plans so that those who would like to make reservations at the Inns have enough time to do so.
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Things aint lookin good. All the advice we're getting are against adding pregnant chicks to bouncy roads. The other routes seem poor, too. I'd go by myself, but that's our monthly camping trip date with our other friends. So if I go, I can't take Andi camping AND she can't come with us. Not too fair, huh? Leaving Andi behind on a camping trip is like getting lit in front of an alcoholic! :-\ I'll keep thinkin, though. I REALLY want to go! Ideas?
GREAAAAT!!! one?
mtngoat said:
GREAAAAT!!! one?
I have one...

But how about the front way via Bumblebee? I know it's washboard-y but it should be passable if you take it easy.

On the other hand, you and Andi know best as to whether the trip is advisable. Mom and baby come first as you know. If you all can't make it this time, then fit that RC with a babyseat and get ready!
Yes, I say it's still a go. Press on regardless. Plus, we'll show those chili-eaters what real gas-burners are like.
;D I'll keep an eye on this post to see what ya'll are gonna do. If you do decide to come up that weekend i may just have to drive down and meet you since i'll already be up there. Then i can run the trail with the group up the back way. 8)

Yea, last time we were on the Bumble Bee rd, Andi was just pregnant and she about tossed em'. But maybe you'd let me borrow that 'copter. I'm sure I could fly it...I DO have the video game!
Montana_Ram said:
;D I'll keep an eye on this post to see what ya'll are gonna do. If you do decide to come up that weekend i may just have to drive down and meet you since i'll already be up there. Then i can run the trail with the group up the back way. 8)

Sa-weet! That's the spirit.
Joe's work says I can go. I was awarded Sat thru Mon off. I still have to wait and see though. My mother is flying to Hawaii from Guam to do some medical test and Jackie and I may go out there to be with her. We still don't know what the dates are gonna be.

What about me? Can't I go anymore? :-[

Just kidding. ;D If I can get a few dollars up, I will go.
Hey guys,

My truck won't be runnin by then, but would it be ok if I hitched a ride with somebody?? I don't take up a whole lot of space and I don't stink (at least not early in the morning, I can't guarantee this later in the day after wheelin ;D) Let me know if anybody has any extra space. I guess I could always ride in mtngoats safari rack, but that may get a little spooky at some points along the trail.
No problem with ridin on the "elephant" 84 RC, but it appears that if we go, it'll be via.... balloon? Otherwise, we'd love to have you.
You guys are the best. I lucked out and my future mother-in-law is kickin me out of the house that weekend so she can throw Jenn a bridal shower. No prob for me, I'll just go wheelin with you guys. Kinda mad my truck isn't runnin and that Jenn can't go. She'd love the wheelin. She doubts my trucks abilities on the trails, but she is spoiled. She gets to drive a Hummer one weekend a month and two weeks every summer (Nat'l Guard). She just doesn't believe me when I tell her that Bubba can go just about everywhere the Hummer can go. I'll just have to fix Bubba's motor and prove it to her!!

GunPilot said:
Well, now, do we think this would really affect the 'back way' trail into CK? We are not planning to stay at CK itself, but rather at the campground that 1bad84RC knows of. Would the chili cook-off affect that?

I'm thinking we will still be ok with this date. 1bad, how about some more info on your camp area?
Sorry GP, I guess I am slackin and somehow this post snuck by me. The cook-off probably would affect the campsite. From what I hear, it is a fairly sought after spot. I have just been lucky in that both times I have been up to CK I have been able to get it. There are a lot of sites up there though and it may be just a matter of going up there and if we can't get that one then just go somewhere else. I know that once you get off of the road to get to the good spot, there are at least four other LARGE camping spots that could hold a number of vehicles and tents. I will keep a closer eye on this thread, sorry :-[

Hey guys, not to throw a monkey wrench into this, but if camping for all of us at CK October 12th - 13th is going to be problematical...

What about the possibility of trailing/camping at the location we just reconned in the Superstitions? Colossus Ram, would that be too far of a drive for you? Montana_Ram, I know you wouldn't be able to do this run because you'll already be at CK.

Don't give me the ax - I'm just suggesting this as an alternative run for this particular weekend...camping should be no problemo, seeing as we had the place to ourselves last weekend!

So, what do you all think? Should I just butt out now while I've still got one?!? ;D
If I go out four wheeling, I don't want to have to deal with a lot of people. So, I would be up for the Superstition run. It's one thing when you're with good company, but who knows how some of these people will react to a bunch of Mopars rolling in. I don't mean to hamper any thing, but I'm not one for big crowds, I have enough of that every day in town here. If it's still a go, I'll be right behind y'all.
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