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Crown King Run Date

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Okay, guys, knowing in advance that we will not be able to choose a date that will work well with each and every one of our members, let's start getting an idea of which weekend works best for the majority.

Choose the weekend that works best with your schedule, and then if you have a second choice, post it here.

After the Labor Day Weekend rush, we'll really start pinning this down and making some firm plans so that those who would like to make reservations at the Inns have enough time to do so.
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I'm good for any date. My weekends are always free.
I have an extra CB with antenna that plugs into cigarette lighter that some one could us.
Well, unless the trip is closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, I am afraid we would not be able to make it. The TrailDuster needs too much work... :(

I'm taking a four day weekend from the 12th - 15th of Sept, so I'll need a break in between my request for time off. I'm shooting for the 12-13 of Oct as my first choice, but if the majority chooses the 28-29 of Sept I should be able to work something out. ;D
Any weekend of Oct is good for us. Remember, I also have a plug in CB anyone can use. If someone needs cheap lodging, there are rooms above the bar for cheaper, too. Go to Crown King. com for all the places.

One of the best steaks I've ever had at the Mill, too!
;D We should be able to make it on any of those dates also.
OK, going once, twice...

I'm going to leave this a couple more days for voting, but we are getting to the wire. Right now, the October 12-13 date is getting the nod.

As a teaser, here's a few photos of our Crown King run last November.

Starting up the trail, nice and easy​

The view back toward Lake Pleasant​

Man that's a lift! Or else I shrunk...​

The Ramus negotiates a steep uphill​

Some of the rocky trail​

The Cherokee on the infamous rock ledge​

The stock Chevy 4X4 on the ledge​

Looking down at the bottleneck at the ledge from above​

One of the old houses in historic Cleator on the way out​

The Cherokee was easily able to negotiate the ledge with the help of the boards as shown. The Chevy got hung up hard and needed the jack. We got him off after about 30 minutes.

Does that whet your appetite??!?! Yeah baby!!
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THAT'S THE INFAMOUS ROCK LEDGE ! ! ! Sorry, I've tackled harder spots than that. It might be one of those things that a picture doesn't do it justice, you have to see it for your self. But seriously, is really as bad as people say? I'm going out to a nice spot this weekend, I'll take a few pictures for comparison. Seeing those pictures makes me get even more excited.

don't mean to offend anyone, just a little sarcastic humor ;D
This is going to be a blast!!!! I'm looking foward to finally meeting everyone and getting the chance to test out my R/C on some good 4x4 trails. :D
Duffys Ramcharger said:
Yeah, it's hard to depict what it is just from the pic. It's about 4.5 feet tall wall of rock across the road.

It really takes more clearance than 4WD. A short wheelbase helps. We traversed it in 2WD Lo last year with no problems.
Ok, that's it, the voting is closed. Oct 12-13 is th CK run date. Whoopee! I can't wait! You guys get those trucks fixed - we don't want to hear any excuses!! This is fun stuff!!

Ok, we'll get a bit more plannig done as we get closer. Expect some info on stuff up top soon.
hey does anybody remember what the road is like on the senater hwy to CKing from Prescott? My wife (Andi) wants to go, but being pregnant she doesn't feel up to it on th 4x route. But the route through Bumble Bee is wash board city!!! We were on it recently and it flipped her guts upside down ( you don't want to be around when that happens!) Is senater hwy rough or just slow?
Thanks, Mohammed. We'll chew on that a bit. :)
:-\Not to spoil the fun, but the weekend of the 12 - 13 Oct is the chili cookoff in CK. I've been to the cookoff the last 5 yrs and the place gets really packed that weekend. The cookoff is a blast, but probably not a good time for a trail run as the roads are usually very crowded as is the camping areas.
We will be goin up there thur nite or fri morn and returning sunday afternoon so if anyone wants to stop in and say hi your all welcome. We usually have a pretty big group of people at our campsite, and lots of kids. We may even have enough room for a couple of vehicles if anyone wants to camp with us. ;D

p.s. I would have mentioned this sooner, but i just found out the date for the cookoff yesterday from a friend who got me hooked on going to this event yearly.
How'd we miss that one!{bigeyes}
Crapola! Let's think about this a bit....
I'd be willing to change the date to the 28th and 29th of Sept. I know it's only a week away, but I'm not sure if the 12th and 13th of Oct would have worked for me anyway. I would've also suggested the 19th and 20th of Oct, but I'm working at the AZ State Fair from the 19th through the 27th. If the last weekend of Sept doesn't work for everybody then feel free to plan one that will and if I can't make it I'll just catch up with the rest of you another time. :)
Well, now, do we think this would really affect the 'back way' trail into CK? We are not planning to stay at CK itself, but rather at the campground that 1bad84RC knows of. Would the chili cook-off affect that?

I'm thinking we will still be ok with this date. 1bad, how about some more info on your camp area?
I went ahead and asked for the 12 & 13th off, assuming that we were still sticking to this date. Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow wether I'm chargin' the trail with the club or just day dreaming about chargin' the trail with the club. ;D
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