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Wow! {bigeyes} {bigeyes}I am VERY impressed! All I've been doing the last couple hours is testing this thing.. First, I left it in my driveway and took the keychain out on my bicycle in different directions from my house.. Now keep in mind, this thing sends out a signal to the brain, then once it acknowledges, it sends a message back to the keychain - If you don't get a message back, you know you are out of the keychain's transmission range (the brain's transmission range is said to be double what the keychain has, becuase it has a much bigger antenna, and it's running off the 12v battery vs 1 AAA -- There was no one home to trip the alarm for me to test this though). The CLOSEST I was unable to get the signal to the truck was almost 4/10 of a mile!! (My odometer said 0.347) The farthest? Get this -- OVER 1/2 mile!! (0.539). And yes, It was the line of sight distance, because the road goes straight away from me in 3 directions. There were also houses, bushes, fences and other obstacles, because I was parked next to the house, not out at the road. Next test brought me to Willowbrook Mall and Loews theaters. I parked at the end of the mall, 6 rows from the building, and walked inside. I got almost halfway through the mall before I couldn't get the confirmation signal anymore. Again, I was going at this alone, so I could only test the keychain's range, not the actual pager range. What I got was pretty damn impressive though to say the least! Then I went to Loew's because they have a 4 level mostly enclosed garage. Parked on the 3rd level, (4th level is rooftop, so it wouldn't be a valid test), then went down to the ground and was still able to get a signal inside of Costco probably 1/10 of a mile away, but still, getting through hundreds of tons of brick and steel of the 2 buildings, and all the other cars that were in the line of sight, is excellent!

This thing ROCKS! If you ever are inclined to put a remote start in, this is the one to get! I think if you're going to do a RS, don't waste any money on one that doesn't have the 2-way keychain. My thinking is (and this is validated by the other one that I had) if you have to be able to see the truck in order to make sure that it started, what good is it? Many times, I've clicked it to start, somewhere that I THOUGHT it should be able to hit, only to go out a few minutes later and find out that it never started. This not only acknowledges that it got the start request, but also sends a second page to confirm that it ACTUALLY STARTED! It also has all the other bells and whistles that an all-in-one system should.. Keyless entry with trunk pop, and a second AUX output, which I will use for a window rollup module when I change over to power windows, alarm complete with shock sensor and siren, with outputs to honk the horn, flash the lights, turn on the dome light, anti-carjacking (I thought that was kind of cool - if a door is opened while this feature is set, it'll wait 30 seconds after the door is closed, then set off the siren and horn, flash the lights, and if they turn off the car to try and stop it, the starter kill engages so they can't restart it! To set it, you just tap a hidden button - I put it right by where the dimmer switch would be on an older truck so I can hit it with my foot), passive arming, etc. etc. etc.. This thing's got everything!

<edit>: Oh yeah, It works on Diesels, too! (Wait-to-start input)

CrimeStopper CS-2016FM
Retail Price: $299.99 + Installation
I paid: $125 on eBay, + $10 or so for supplies (wire, solder, zipties, etc)

Features: *****
Price: ***** (Even at retail, this does everything the $500 Viper VX791 does -- On eBay, it's a steal!)
Ease of installation: ** (This is designed for a shop to put in... I've done a few, and this was a little more of a pain than others due to the sheer number of features)
Range: *****
Ease of use: **** (lost 1 star for the evil programming button)

How-to coming soon!

Matt {peace}

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I have this same unit in my 98 Ram and love it. I've also used other CrimeStopper units in the past, and I think they're the best bang for the buck.
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